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Excellent! I really hope Frith develops this into a full game. I'd be all over it. Reminds me so much of the killer Lucas Arts point-and-click adventures from the '90's that I grew up on.

Great concept, what game there is actually works very well, I love the cyberpunk setting. I'd absolutely help support this on Kickstarter or Steam Greenlight. Definitely a little game worth playing - and expanding!

Lovely art and a fascinating setting, but it feels like the demo for an unfinished game rather than a short standalone game with an open ending.

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You can download it for free as of now

I play a lot of indie games and this one is a real standout! I felt totally immersed in the world right away which is rare. I love all the little details and the Bladerunner-esqe aesthetic. Would hands down buy a full version!

This is the shortest masterpiece I've played in a long, long time. I urge you to pick this back up and continue developing it. It could easily be as big as other indie releases, such as Stardew Valley or Undertale.

I very much enjoyed this and would like to see further development! I'd gladly purchace a full game.

Love the art style mate! :

This point and click is really nice ! x) The story is cool ! Thanks for this game!

Here is my gameplay:

pretty art, would like to see more. Shame that I don't have a Paypal account to offer support

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Great little point-and-click adventure. The pixel art is simply gorgeous and I love the atmospheric synthwave soundtrack. Shame it was so short, would love to see a sequel or expansion. Anyway, donated $5. Keep up the good work!

Some of the most wonderful Pixel Art I've seen. Also, interesting world and Necronite concept. Would love to see a sequel.

This game looks awesome, but I'm already stuck on the first scene. some help, please?

Oooooh, thanks!

You are welcome :)